Allow your skin to drink in the essence of this powerful elixir + always remember, YOU are your first love, your very own Number Uno!

PRIME was inspired by the notion that Self-Love is the foundation for every other love. This revitalizing blend of beautifying + healing botanicals has been crafted to restore the glow of youth, put a pep in your step and remind you just how lovable you are! More than just pretty flowers, these ingredients are legendary for their youth-giving properties and are called for in recipes promising longevity and even, dare we say it, immortality.

goldenrod, chamomile, peach, vervain, marshmallow root, peony, & green tea.

goldenrod |
the Latin name, solidago, means “to make whole,” cleanses, heals, soothes, inhibits yeast, + relaxes

chamomile | soothes, treates acne, calms, treats dryness, promotes skin regeneration, protects

peach | replenishes, protects, promotes skin regeneration + renewal, boosts collagen, improves elasticity + tone, heals, fights free radicals, + moisturizes

vervain | cleanses, soothes, treats acne + eczema, heals, tones, detoxifies + lifts mood

marshmallow root | heals, moisturizes, reduces redness + irritation, reduces puffiness, improves elasticity, promotes cell regeneration, + reduces fine lines

peony | fights free radicals, boosts microcirculation, reduces redness +inflammation, relieves pain, treats acne

green tea | boosts collagen, firms, tightens, protects, brightens, promotes cell regeneration


BONUS BENEFIT – The skin-loving isn’t limited to the ingredients INSIDE the bag… After your magic vibe raising bath, the unbleached muslin bag becomes a reusable cleansing mitt.  

Simply empty the contents and rinse ya mitt!

  • made of organic, unbleached muslin
  • gently exfoliates
  • leaves skin beautifully clean
  • gentle enough to use on the most sensitive skin
  • to use: dampen the mitt and apply a small amount of your favorite cleanser
  • can be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning + the freshest cleansing experience every time

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