Super sexy blend that attracts love + lust while giving you that goddess glow

This blend of legendary aphrodisiac and love attracting botanicals is heaven for your skin! Just look at it – Nº9 is so gorgeous, every batch makes us swoon!

The powerful skin-nourishing ingredients have been used for centuries to encourage love + incite passion, so be prepared. Get your glow on, then promptly bask in the presence of your beloved. Walking around with a goddess glow and a love-encouraging aura may cause collateral damage. Some spell books report that even innocent bystanders sometimes become smitten! Ah, the tragedy. You’ll just have to get used to admiring glances and lusty appreciation of your, ahem, ass-ets.

lavender, rose blossoms, rose hips, jasmine blossoms, gardenia blossoms, red hibiscus blossoms, lemon balm, vervain, lemon zest, elecampane, damiana and green tea.

 | aids healing, promotes cell regeneration, reduces inflammation, soothes irritation, tones + revitalizes skin, prevents scarring, balances oil production, eases pain, soothes stress and anxiety.

rose | brightens, soothes, firms, reduces dark/age spots, repairs cells.

jasmine | reduces redness, calms, restores,  heals, tones, soothes irritation, reduces redness, treats blemishes, uplifts spirit + is a potent aphrodisiac.

lemon balm | fights free radicals, promotes cell regeneration, soothes, treats acne, cleanses, tones, protects, repairs + detoxifies.

lemon zest | heals, soothes, detoxifies, promotes cell regeneration, protects, heals, cleanses, tones, + brightens

gardenia | enhances tone, improves texture, increases elasticity, boosts collagen, repairs, soothes, moisturizes, protects, fights free radicals + promotes cell regeneration

hibiscus | rich in natural AHA’s, exfoliates, cleanses, tones, lifts, firms, promotes cell regeneration, boosts collagen, controls oil, minimizes pores + moisturizes

vervain | cleanses, soothes, treats blemishes,  treats eczema, heals, tones, detoxifies + lifts mood

damiana boosts collagen, firms, tightens, protects, brightens, promotes cell regeneration, potent aphrodisiac

elecampane | cleanses, tones, treats blemishes, soothes

green tea | boosts collagen, firms, tightens, protects, brightens, promotes cell regeneration


BONUS BENEFIT – The skin-loving isn’t limited to the ingredients INSIDE the bag… After your magic vibe raising bath, the unbleached muslin bag becomes a reusable cleansing mitt.  

Simply empty the contents and rinse ya’ mitt!

  • made of organic, unbleached muslin
  • gently exfoliates
  • leaves skin beautifully clean
  • gentle enough to use on the most sensitive skin
  • to use: dampen the mitt and apply a small amount of your favorite cleanser
  • machine washable for easy cleaning + the freshest cleansing experience every time

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