How to Brew the Perfect Bath

Get ready to soak up the magic + enjoy a luscious bathing experience!

Directions for using AOC bath potions:

Our bath potions are essentially “teas” and are prepared much the same way you’d make tea using a tea bag.

  1. Drop entire bag into 2 cups boiling water, (removed from heat source, obv)
  2. Allow to steep for 10-15 minutes
  3. Add potion to bathwater
  4. Soak up the magical aura cleansers and enhancers
  5. BONUS TIME* – Afterward, empty contents of pouch + use as a reusable cleansing mitt


BONUS – The skin-loving isn’t limited to the ingredients INSIDE the bag… After your magic vibe raising bath, the unbleached muslin bag becomes a reusable cleansing mitt.  Simply empty the contents and rinse.

  • made of organic, unbleached muslin
  • gently exfoliate your skin
  • leave your face beautifully clean
  • gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive skin
  • to use: dampen the mitt and apply a small amount of your favorite cleanser
  • can be tossed in the washing machine for the freshest cleansing experience every time

Here are a few suggestions to make your bath even MORE magical: 

  • Candles! Light a few, light a lot. Be safe though – fire burns.
  • A refreshing drink is ALWAYS a good idea
  • Music – turn it on and crank it up!
  • Steam your face over the steeping potion
  • Apply a face mask and wash it off in the bath
  • Dig out that great robe you never wear for after the bath
  • Two words. Fresh. Blades. Nothing is better than the first shave with a new blade!
  • If you’re into crystals, make a pretty arrangement on the vanity. Some swear by the magical properties of stones. Just don’t put them in the tub. Water can damage some stones.
  • Use your imagination; this magic bath is for YOU!